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Best Practices For Short Videos


Today, people are hungry for information and they want it fast. So they would prefer to spend 1-2 minutes watching a video than spending 10-15 minutes reading some text. According to a recent survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85 percent of people are more likely to buy a product once they see an accompanying explainer video. With the right content, an engaging video can increase your conversion rate and enhance your website. A video on your landing page will increase your sales, while videos on your blog posts will improve your email opt-in rate. However, for the video to be effective, it needs to be both informational and engaging—and not too long. Here are some basic guidelines:


YouTube analytics have shown that the attention span of the internet audience is quite short. The general viewer will only watch a video for 1-2 minutes unless it contains compelling content. Audiences spend even less time watching a video that only contains a subject or subjects simply talking to the camera in a static environment. Consider shortening the length of your video and push only for quality content that will keep the viewers in. A good rule of thumb is keeping your video under a minute.


There are many factors that are easily overlooked that can ultimately compromise the overall quality of a video. This, in turn, will hurt your conversion rate and credibility of your business. When creating your video, consider these questions: Have you assessed the audio so that your audience can hear and understand what is being said? Is the lighting too dim? Are you portraying your subject matter in an accurate and appropriate way? If you saw this video done by someone else, would you be sold to the product or service they are selling? Looking into these matters ahead of time will significantly improve the quality of your video.


Create videos that attract viewers with buyer’s intent. Think traffic and conversions. If your business involves a product that provides a solution to a problem, consider making “how-to” videos. For nonprofit organizations, tell enriching stories to gain solid buy-ins. Testimonials in the form of video also help to validate your business. Not only do they build positive buzz about your service or product, they also serve as an emphasis on why someone should take interest in your company. Putting a face on video adds a greater level of depth and portrays more than what a quote or case study ever can. When many competitors out there are producing content that only gives a general layout of their business or organization, it’s hard to tell them apart. Think differently to produce a video worth watching.