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BTI Appraisal | Site Redesign & Copy Writing

Enthusiast Inc. partnered with BTI Appraisal of Los Angeles in developing their newly launched website. BTI Appraisal is a broad-based appraisal company providing services for real estate, business valuations, machinery, as well as, equipment for business, professional, public and private sectors.

BTI’s website required a complete overhaul – a necessary exercise every few years as technology, functionality and user requirements advance. 

In consulting with BTI, it was established the most obvious changes were to happen at the design level. However, a pretty website is not enough, especially in an industry as complex and multi-layered as the appraisal and valuation business. 

Enthusiast’s design team went to work on the improved look, feel and site functionality. Imagery was integrated for better page comprehension. In tandem, our writers copy edited existing service descriptions to read more fluidly and easily. Content was broken-out into new landing pages, making information less arduous to locate. Enthusiast also wrote copy as needed for existing and new landing pages. Each landing page is optimized for organic SEO. 

It was paramount to convey how the core appraisal services BTI provides parlay into a specialized list of expert sub-services. Since 1974, BTI has evolved into more than just an appraisal company. The website’s new top navigation category "Applications" promotes these services. BTI’s four decades of experienceapply to a broad spectrum of skills to benefit, advise, report and represent clients – 24 applications to be exact. This wide scope of expertise is what sets BTI apart - now, it is clearly communicated on their new website

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