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California Firearms Training | Logo & Site Design

California Firearms Training LogoHaving started a new business, this client was in need of a new logo and brand new website. And since we strive to provide everything you need in one place, we were more than happy to take on the task!

Our design team met with the client to learn more about their business and overall goals to get a better understanding before diving into the logo creation processes. In a short time, California Firearms Training was the proud owner of a customized logo!

Working closely with our client, we designed the new site to fit their needs and field of expertise. Since a key goal of the site was to provide an easy sign up process, we design the site to be as straight-forward and easy-to-navigate as possible. Course information, instructors' background info, and sign up details are quickly found in as little as two clicks of the mouse (or trackpad)!

If you're looking to start up a new business, or update your current branding, don't hesitate to contact us for more information on our services.