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Two Things to Improve your Site on Twitter and Facebook

Over 1 billion people use Facebook everyday. There are over 500 million new tweets every day. That’s a lot of social engagement everyday on those two platforms.

Clearly, then, a huge part of a successful website is properly engaging your clients across these two social media platforms.  And while the social media winds are always blowing in new directions, there are a two important things you can do to make sure your site is presented in the best possible on Facebook and Twitter.

Improve Your Facebook Links with Open Graph

Your site should be taking advantage of Facebook’s Open Graph protocol.  When your site properly uses Open Graph, each time someone links to a page on Facebook, it’ll send Facebook the page’s title, description, and—if it has one—a highlight image.  That link on Facebook to your site will show up nicely formatted and clearly highlighted. Here's a screenshot of how this article appears in a feed (or go ahead and link to this article in your Facebook status to see how it’ll show up in your feed).

Twitter Cards

When your site is setup to use Twitter Cards, every time someone tweets a link to a page on your site it will have a “Card” added to their tweet that highlights the linked page with a title, short description, and a highlight image.  It’s a great way to make sure your site puts its best foot forward on Twitter. Here's a screenshot of this article in a Twitter feed (or try tweeting this article to see what a Twitter Card can look like):

All our new sites are built with Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Card integration—it’s easy to setup and simple to use! Have questions about any of this?  Let us know!